What is Numerology ?

Numerology is the Science, Philosophy and Psychology of NUMBERS, used to predict your future. Numerology describes the Nature and also gives solutions to all Problems.In Numerology all life is governed by the numbers 1 to 9 and these 1 to 9 numbers are precisely assigned to 9 planets of the Solar System. Numerology is applied to Date of Birth and Names. In Numerology each alphabet letter equates to a number.


In Numerology each number has certain qualities, strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative influences on life. Numerology helps in understanding oneself and thereby making the best use of the opportunities one encounters in life.

How Numerology works?

Numerology is calculated on the basis of one's Date of Birth. Out of which the birth day is one of the most important indicators in Numerology. The vibration of the day, the person is born on, has an enormous influence on life.

For example:

Gireesh D.O.B is 23-02-1981?
Gireesh birthday no is 2+3 = 5


In Numerology, the birth month gives zodiac sign. Each Zodiac sign has its Ruler Planet or Number as per the Numerology Gurus. Thus it would be the secondary planet or number of a person.


One cannot change their Date of Birth to make numbers more fruitful / favorable.


But Numerologist says, each alphabet letter equates to a precise number in Numerology. Only a Professional and Best Numerologist can bring one's NAME on a favorable Number based on related planet by adding or replacing another alphabet or by removing an alphabet or changing ones NAME as per Numerology. This will bring Strong Positive Vibrations and create great opportunities. So the most important role of Numerology is to bring Name on a fortunate number based on related planet.


By applying Numerology one can bring good fortune in a six months or a year. But however one should be professional to do so. It's too RISKY if some unprofessional suggests on Numerology Numbers.

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