I was struggling as an assistant director for 3 yrs. I was not getting any good opportunities but after i followed your advise, now i am shooting for 3 films as a director. Is not it a miracle? Thanks to you sammrat.

[Hindi and Bhojpuri Movie Director]

Life altered after adding an extra "A" in my name. Your advise brought many opportunities in my life. Thanks to you Sammrat.

Lovinaa A Coelho

I run a family Restaurant in Bengaluru. My business was in turmoil a year back. I met Sammrat and blindly followed his advise as a rescue. I was surprised to see the results in 6 months. Thanks Sammrat.


The first thing i want to tell everyone is that Sammrat is a wonderful human being. When i met him i was jobless and going through tough situation in life and i had no money to pay him. He gave me his consultation for free and told me to help some poor in future. I don't want to take much space, all i want to say is today i am a successful business man because of Sammrat.

Sagar Amrutkar

I met Sammrat in landmark forum 2 years back. When i went for numerology consultation, he told me that my name numbers are in harmony with my date of birth and no need to make any cosmetic changes in it. He also made me aware of my lucky and unlucky numbers, colors, dates, days and gems, line of work suitable for me etc. Sammrat told me that i was born under a very fortunate planets influence and i am a very lucky as well. After i heard this i started creating everything that i wanted in my life and sometimes, it use to fall in my basket without even being asked for it. I think that's what luck means. Sammrat is not like other numerologists who forget their clients after consultation; he was there for me whenever i needed his moral support.


At the end i wanna say that Numerology has made huge difference in my life and i also advise other people that try once who know may be your luck is just waiting for right advice to explode!


Thank you sammrat and we love you.

Sagar Dilip Karne and family
[Creative Director- Konect group]
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