Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra's Compatibility

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are getting married on November 22. Much astrological calculations have gone into ensuring that it turns out be the best possible match, especially since Shilpa's mother is an astrologer herself and the family is a great believer in the science.


As a numerologist, I consider 6 methods to calculate compatibility and to get accurate results. Below is my reading of the Shilpa-Raj match:


Shilpa Shetty is a number 8 person in numerology and her zodiac sign is Gemini ruler Mercury positive with Air sign. Her name number is 7 and destiny number is 9.


Raj Kundra is a number 9 person in numerology and his zodiac sign is Virgo ruler Mercury negative with Earth sign. His name number is 6 and destiny number is 4.


Birthday Number compatibility

In numerology 8 and 9 is not a good match. Shilpa is dominating and Raj is completely against it as he loves freedom. Both want to be recognised as head of the family and this may create difference of opinions. Shilpa is slow to accept new things but Raj is very fast with the same. Raj's hasty temper may disturb Shilpa's cool approach. Both expect special attention and care from each other but the fact is that both are poor in expressing their feelings.

Element Sign compatibility

Shilpa's element sign is Air and Raj's element sign is Earth. Air and Earth are compatible signs in numerology. Air sign people dominate the Earth sign people because without air [oxygen] humans cannot live anywhere, not even on the moon.

Destiny Number compatibility

Raj's destiny number is 4 and Shilpa is 9. These are not compatible numbers in numerology because Rahu [4] does not gel with Mars [9].

Name Number compatibility

Shilpa Shetty's name number is 7 and Raj Kundra's is 6. Number 7 is a spiritual number and 6 represents love. These numbers are very compatible in numerology.

Number of Month compatibility

Both of them are ruled by planet Mercury [Number 5]. Mercury represents speed, communication, risk, versatility, instability, insecurity, which influence majorly on Shilpa since she is born under the influence of Mercury positive but in Raj's case it will be lesser since he is born under the influence of Mercury negative. Still it's a good match as per number of month.

Zodiac Sign compatibility

Raj doing everything right and his perfectionist nature may not gel with the fickle-minded Shilpa. Both are equally good in arguments and their nature of always proving themselves right may cause a problem in the relationship. As per their zodiac sign compatibility, it's not a good match.


Looking at the overall compatibility it's clear that the Shilpa-Raj are compatible on 3 out of 6 criterions, therefore, if rated on a scale of 1 to 10, their relationship stands at 5.


This means their marriage is on a very sensitive ground, so both should take wise decisions in case of any kind of breakdown. If they don't compromise on certain conditions and let go of things, then the relationship wouldn't work. This relationship is very delicate and both of them should handle it with a lot of care and love.


My advice to both is not to criticise each other at any point of time, as it may worsen conditions. Both should wear emerald to bring harmony and understanding. I also suggest Shilpa to spell her name as SHILLPA SHETTY to bring her name in harmony with that of RAJ KUNDRA.


May God bless the couple and I wish them all the best for their future.

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