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21st century is attracting more and more people towards Numerology and the predictions of good numerologists have always helped many to prepare for the good and bad times.


A brief numerology prediction is done by Sammrat for the country, India.


  • INDIA = adds to 3
  • BHARAT = adds 6
  • DATE OF INDEPENDENCE = 15/08/1947
  • So India's
  • Birthday number is = 6 [i.e.1+5=6]
  • Number of month is = 1 & 4
  • Destiny Number = 15/08/1947= 8
  • Current Destiny number is = 3 [i.e.1+9+4+7]
  • 2008-1947= 61yrs old



Bad news


2009 = adds to 2


So India is in her 62nd year as of now, 62 adds to 8 [i.e.6+2=8]. Number 8 represents Planet Saturn in numerology. Saturn is a planet of dominating, leadership, practical, realistic and punisher. Saturn gives test, trials, troubles and warnings but at the end it gives rewards too.


Number 2 represents planet Moon in Numerology. Moon is a planet of understanding, balancing, sharing, caring, romantic and a very calm planet.


2 and 8 is not a compatible numbers or planets. Their influence may cause mental pressure, terror and financial losses. From the above we can clearly see the entire financial crisis the whole country is under and all the problems that we have faced so far. And as far as I can see, it's going to continue till 31st December 2009.


The reason is numbers takes some time to produce positive vibrations. As if we move to new place it takes time to get adjust to new surroundings right?


As I said we are in our 62nd year till 15-8-2009 after that we are going to celebrate 63rd year of independence. So 63 adds to 9 [i.e.6+3=9]. Number 9 represents Planet Mars in Numerology. Mars is a planet of energy, force, revolution, justice and at the same time it is also considered as planet of war and destruction.


This means for India next year would be a great revolution and financial success. But at the same time she may face communal riots, war or more terror attacks and she may also face nature's troubles like earth quake, floods etc. Anything unexpected can occur since we are under the influence of accident prone or planet of war "Mars".


I will leave this to the government which is going to form. If government takes all required precautions then the damages can be reduced. And it is not only the government's responsibilities we should also make sure to help government where ever they required our support.


And I also would like t o say by knowing the power or influence of Mars on can make right use of it.



Good news


Year 2010 = adds to 3


India will be in her 63rd year after 15-aug-2009 which means from 15th-aug-2009 to 31st-Dec-2009 India will be under the influence of number 2-7, 9 and 1-4. It's not a good combination of numbers altogether.


After that India will be under the influence of 3 [i.e.2+0+1+0=3] and 9 till 15-Aug-2010. Number 3 represents planet Jupiter in numerology and Jupiter is a planet of wealth, creativity, energetic and leadership.


It is one of the most fortunate combinations of numbers one should have, because with the planet of wealth and creativity Jupiter and planet of force and energy Mars, we can do wonders if used it in a right way.


In this particular period that is 15-Aug-2009 to 15-Aug-2010 we can expect wonders to happen. We may see financial developments in the country. Also India will create its benchmark in almost all fields in the world.


So I think more good news for India is expected to hear after December 2009.


People born on 3, 6 and 9 series or under influence of this numbers will have rocking year ahead.


Since 3, 6 and 9 are set of a family number there won't be any such difficulties except I discussed earlier.



"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but Anyone can start today and make a new ending"


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The first thing i want to tell everyone is that Sammrat is a wonderful human being. When i met him i was jobless and going through tough situation in life and i had no money to pay him. He gave me his consultation for free and told me to help some poor in future. I don't want to take much space, all i want to say is today i am a successful business man because of Sammrat.


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