Contesting MP Election - Mr. H D Kumaraswamy


D.O.B = 16/12/1959
Birthday no 7
Number of month is 3
And destiny number is 7
His lucky numbers are = 1-4, 2-7, 3 and 6.
[But 4 is not recommended]
His unlucky number is 8 and he should also avoid 9.


Let's see how these numbers have played major role in his life.


Mr.Kumaraswamy joined politics in the year 1990. 1990= adds to 1 [his lucky number]


He came into the limelight in politics by winning the Kanakapura parliamentary seat in 1996.


Kanakapura = adds to 2


Year 1996 = adds to 7 [His age was 37=1] all are his lucky numbers.


But he tasted failure in 1998 mid-term polls when he contested from Kanakpura.


1998=27= 9 {his unlucky number}


He was elected as the president of the Karnataka Cinema Theatre Owners Association in 2002 = 4 [His age was 43=7] both is his lucky numbers.


In April 2004 Assembly Elections, Kumaraswamy contested and won from Ramnagar.
2004 = adds to 6
Ramnagar = adds to 1
Ramanagaram = adds to 7 [all are his lucky numbers]
In 2004 he organized the Daridra Narayana rally to fight for the rights of the urban and rural poor.
2004=6 [his lucky number]
During 2005 he was instrumental in organizing rallies in Tumkur to fight for the rights of backward classes.
2005 =7 [his lucky number]
He was CM from 4/2/2006 to 9/10/2007.
Day he became CM was 4,one of his lucky number. [But not recommended]
Number of month for Feb is "8" one of his unlucky number and Year 2006= adds to 8, again his unlucky number.
The day he resigned is 9th which is again unlucky number for him.
The year is 2007 = adds to 9 again unlucky number.
And the most important thing to notice is; he ruled our state only for 18 months which is again 1+8=9.


We saw how his lucky numbers and unlucky numbers are ruling his life.

Now lets see Present scenario


He is in his 50th year and completed 49th year
49= Adds to 4
20/April onwards = number of month is 6 venus +ve
His name h.d.kumaraswamy = adds to 40 = 4
He filed nomination on 1/april = 1 one of his lucky date but number of month was 9 which is not good for him.
We are in the year 2009 which adds to 2, one of his best numbers.
His Constituency is Ramnagar or Ramanagaram.
Ramnagar = 1
Ramanagaram = 7 both are his lucky number.
Voting is scheduled on 23/4/2009 = adds to 2 one of his lucky number again.
23rd is Thursday again Thursday is one of his lucky day.
But the date 23 = 5 does not support him much.


Considering all the above fact what I can PREDICT is, most of his numbers are on his favour except the date of voting and his name numbers vibration.


My suggestion is

To make himself more fortunate through out his life and to rule for a long period, He should spell his name as H.D.KUMAARA SWAAMY and Write this spelling 24 times a day.


He should wear blues, white, creams, green, dove-grey garments for complete canvassing and all other purposes till the results are out.


He should not use black, purple and dark red colors.


And if possible he should wear "MOON STONE". It promises good fortune and success in every aspect


Above mentioned all date of events is got from the below link.




If date of birth or any date of event is wrong than prediction may go wrong.


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but Anyone can start today and make a new ending"


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