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Sammrat - Professional & Best Numerologist In India


Sammrat was born in Bengaluru and brought up in Tumkur Karnataka.


Studied Sanskrit, Vedas, Upanishadas and Astrology at school in the holy place "shri siddagnga matta" Tumkur District, Karnataka.


On completion of Junior college he moved to Mumbai with his brother to establish a software business. Like all businessmen they struggled a lot initially. They had ups and downs in business but not in their faith in hard work. This strong willed duo kept putting in their best effort. One of Gireesh's efforts included using the science of numbers to support them.


The mysterious relativity between planetary movements and events in our lives always fascinated him. He tried some changes after a little study of numerology he'd happened to do by reading a book once picked owing to this fascination. He struck gold this time. From here on he studied the subject in-depth and practised it for the benefit of family and friends.


Sammrat's family then wanted him to help others. Well because no one really has any enemies, he wanted to help everyone. On the insistence of Raghhav and Ruuchi Sammrat; his brother and sister-in-law, he started advising professionally.


His study of the numeric values for each alphabet and thereby the hidden meanings of words helped him understand that the word "Numerology" should ideally be spelled as "NumerAlogy". Since, he is a man who only says and does what he honestly believes; his stationery has "Numerology" spelt as "NumerAlogy". He has now been successfully practising as a numerologist for the past six years.


He has played an important role in achieving success not only in his business, but in thousands of other professionals and businessmen.




  • He and his brother now owns sammrat group of companies. For more information you can visit below listed websites;
  • Sammrat has imparted professional advice in the areas of numerology, astrology, palm reading,
    and gemology to over 15000 people.
  • His clientele includes many Chief Ministers, Politicians, Celebrities and common man.
  • He had predicted Abhijeet Sawant's victory and Failure.
  • His election predictions also proved him right again.
  • Using his visionary powers he has already predicted what the year 2009 & 2010 holds in store for India.
  • His book on Numerology will be published shortly.
  • Sammrat is the first person to make changes in the word Numerology as NumerAlogy as per Numerology.
  • His prediction about India's communal riots in 2009 has already proved and many more.
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The first thing i want to tell everyone is that Sammrat is a wonderful human being. When i met him i was jobless and going through tough situation in life and i had no money to pay him. He gave me his consultation for free and told me to help some poor in future. I don't want to take much space, all i want to say is today i am a successful business man because of Sammrat.



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