Abhijeet Sawant's Movie "Lottery"

Failure Period


As I was going through Indian Idol winner Abhijeet Sawant's profile, I found out that his debut as an actor in "Lottery" is all set to release on 20/3/2009 is at BIG STAKE !


Because the Movie name "Lottery" is coming to compound number 26 and single number 8 which is not a lucky number for him.


Secondly his "full name number" is also coming to compound number 44 and single number 8, which is again not a good one.


Meaning of Compound no 26 and 44 is :


One of the unluckiest numbers. This number is full of the gravest warnings for the future. It foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others; run, by bad speculations, by partnerships, unions, and bad advice.


So I STRONGLY suggest him to spell his name as "ABHIJEET SAWWANNT" or to drop completely his surname "SAWANT" for all purposes like, promotion of the Movie, Banners, Audio cd's etc.


And instead use only as "ABHIJEET"


I also STRONGLY suggest the Producers and Directors to spell the Movie Name as "LOUTTERYY" OR "LOTTERREY" for their profitability and for Abhijeet's future.



Success Period


His Name Number is 24+20 = 44= 8
His fate no 7
His destiny no is 9
His number of month is 6
His best numbers are combination of 2-7, 1-4 and 6
His planets are Neptune, Moon, and Venus.


Let's see how theses numbers [2-7, 1-4 and 6] have played a major role in his life.


His birthday number is 7
The tv channel which hosted Indian idol is SONY = 16= 7
The year which it was held in 2005 = 7
"Indian Idol Mahayudh" was held on 25 = 7
Again full date was 25/2/2005= 7
Audience comprising was on March/4 = 4 & again it gives 4/3 = 7
Last date to vote was 5/3/2005= 6
Date of announcement was on again 5/3/2005 = 6
His date of Marriage was on 4/12 = 4
Again full date of Marriage was on 4/12/2007 = 7
When he won the Indian Idol he was in his 24th year = 6


We can clearly see how our planets play major role in our life.


If you take a help of "Professional Numerologist" you can bring success easily into your life.


All the above mentioned date of event of Abhijeet Sawant is got from internet. If any dates are incorrect then predictions may go wrong.


Above predictions were made by me on 14/3/2009 around 9pm and posted on Mid-day website http://www.mid-day.com/entertainment/2009/mar/140309-Tania-Deol-NDTV-Good-Times-Bobby-Deol-Abu-Sandeep-TV-interview.htm


This came true. See the review on




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